Are you planning a holiday in Spain and considering renting a holiday home or villa? Renting a holiday villa has many advantages, such as enjoying freedom, lots of privacy, good times with the family, affordable price, more space, comfort and, of course, many additional services.

1. Cheap and affordable

If you add up all the costs, renting a holiday home is very cheap and is even one of the most affordable options for a holiday. Let’s do some quick calculations.

Imagine you are looking for a large holiday villa for 16 people, with a private pool and sea views. Renting such a villa usually starts at around €795 per week, which means you can enjoy a private villa with friends or family for just €14.20 per person per day.

This means you can save up to 80% on accommodation compared to the price of an average family hotel. The great thing about holiday homes is that you can rent good accommodation at affordable prices, getting more luxury for less money.

2. A complete option

Another positive aspect of a holiday villa is that, in addition to the affordable rental price, it is a very complete option. You will have your own kitchen, equipped with the most modern appliances and everything you need to prepare your own meals or your favourite breakfast. In addition, most holiday homes have their own barbecue area. So when you stay in a holiday villa you can organise your own meals and enjoy them on your own private terrace with a nice glass of wine. This also saves you from dining out every night.

In addition, many holiday homes also have a washing machine, which is very convenient and inexpensive if you are going on holiday with the whole family. Not forgetting the numerous leisure options that holiday homes provide: television, DVD player, free wifi, swimming pool, sea views, etc. Best of all, watching a film on the sofa with your children comes at no extra cost.

3.More privacy and space.

You will also enjoy much more privacy in your own holiday home in Spain than, for example, in a hotel, a bed & breakfast or a flat. You will have your own space, your own place in a holiday villa where no one will disturb your family or your fellow travellers. On the other hand, there is no lack of space in a holiday home. You are not limited to a single room, as in a hotel. In a villa you have a complete house at your disposal, often with a pleasant outdoor area.

This gives you plenty of space to enjoy with your family or partner, or to find a quiet place with a bit of privacy. This is ideal when you have children, as you can put them to bed while still enjoying the evening.

4.Gatherings with family or friends

Would you like to spend a holiday in Spain with all your family or friends? As we have been telling you, a holiday home is the perfect solution. In a holiday home there is space for large groups without being cramped or losing privacy.

Holiday homes are designed to have a good time with a large group of people or with your family. Moreover, renting a holiday home with a large group is also very cheap. The larger the group, the cheaper it is per person.

5. Decide what to do in your free time

When you rent a holiday home you can decide everything you want to do during your holiday. You don’t have to adhere to strict check-in, meal and visiting times. You don’t have to take into account restrictions due to the coronavirus and you can plan your holiday the way you and your travel companions want to. You will have the freedom to go as you please in “your” holiday home.

6. The possibilities are endless

There are many types of holiday homes in Spain to choose from: a villa with a swimming pool, a beautiful country house by the sea or a large holiday home perfect for families. You will be able to choose the holiday home that best suits you and your fellow travellers.

Do you have any specific requirements or wishes? Choose a holiday home that meets your expectations. You can choose, for example, a holiday home with a barbecue, swimming pool, television or even a jacuzzi. Whatever your wishes, you will always find an accommodation that meets them.

7. Suitable for the whole family, also for pets

Do you love animals? Renting a holiday home may be the perfect solution for you. It’s easy to find many pet-friendly rental options. This way you can enjoy your holiday with all your travel companions, pets included.

As well as not having to miss your dog, you’ll save money by not having to pay for a kennel or dog sitter.

8. An authentic experience

Renting a holiday home in Spain will give you a much richer and more authentic travel experience. You will have more contact with the locals, because the holiday home is located in an area where there are local residents or because you will be shopping in the local shops.

You can also ask the owner of your holiday home to give you tips about the area for an even more authentic holiday and to discover nice places or unique restaurants. In other words, it gives you the chance to get off the tourist trail and discover the authentic character of each area.

9. The comfort of a holiday home

Holiday homes are often designed to make you feel at home. They are cosy, equipped with everything you need to ensure luxury and offer the privacy of your own home. You can eat when you want, spend the day in your pyjamas or lie on the sofa after a long day at the beach. During your holidays this is “your” home and you can enjoy it as you wish.

10. Enjoy it at any time of the year

Spain’s climate allows us to have a fairly wide tourist season, ideal for enjoying a holiday home at any time of the year. The best thing about holiday homes is that they are designed for any season. In the warmer seasons you can opt for a house with air conditioning, garden or swimming pool, and in the colder seasons for a cosier house with a fireplace.