Today it is our turn to talk about a very special town for us. The people who have seen several of our companions grow and who, for the foreigners, have welcomed us with great affection. This is Alhaurín de la Torre. A town that is right at the entrance of the Guadalhorce Valley region, only 18 km from the capital of Malaga, Andalusia.

It is a place of contrasts where tradition and modernity, nature and urbanization are combined, as well as its perfect location for those who want to be close to the sea and the mountains. We will show you what you can see and do in Alhaurín de la Torre during your summer holidays.

Like every Andalusian village, Alhaurín de la Torre has a beautiful old town or barrio viejo, where we can find the Parroquia de San Sebastián. The parish was founded in 1505. San Sebastian is designated as the patron saint, confirming the appointment made by the Catholic Kings in 1485 following the reconquest of the town.

If you get lost in its narrow streets, you will find small squares with fountains, and the main street where there is a wide variety of bars, cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy appetizers and exquisite dishes of Andalusian cuisine.

church of Alhaurin de la Torre

Another option to know what to see and do in Alhaurín de la Torre is to visit the Jardín Oriental Bienquerido. With an area of almost 12,000 square meters, it transports us through a pleasant walk to the Japanese culture.

If you come on holiday to this beautiful town and you like to play golf, you can’t miss Lauro Golf Resort. Located in an environment of special nature. Lauro Golf Resort has 27 holes, which can be combined by nine holes, all par 72.

Lovers of clay pigeon shooting or skeet shooting have a must at the Jarapalo Shooting Club. Located about 20 kilometers from Malaga and Torremolinos and only 5 minutes from the town of Alhaurin de la Torre.

oriental park alhaurin

We can’t forget about the parks in this beautiful town. Among them is the Municipal Park of Alhaurín de la Torre, known as the ¨parque of the patos¨ by its inhabitants.

In addition to areas for children to play in, we can find a duck pond, and a great variety of trees and plants such as poplars, ficus, pacific, palms of various species, ivy, cypresses, trees of paradise, Indian canes, etc. On the other hand, there is the El Portón estate which is the current headquarters of the Department of Culture and Education.

It has a large extension of gardens, two exhibition halls, administrative offices and an open-air auditorium that make it a reference point and a protagonist of the cultural life of Alhaurín, as a stage for artistic exhibitions, concerts, meetings, performances, etc. It is a real lung of the town, with a great variety of plants. It should be noted that “El Portón” was declared the best urban garden in the province of Malaga in 2000 and has several centenary botanical specimens.

centenary parkswhat to do in alhaurin de la torre

Alhaurín de la torre is well known for its festivals and fairs for the enjoyment of all its citizens and all those who are passing through. Everything is a reason for celebration. You can’t miss the Carnivals in February, the Holy Week and the processions, the Villa del Medioevo in May-June, a big medieval fair where we can find many handicraft and food stands, to spend a great day with the family.

One of the most important events for this village is the Feria de San Juan, which takes place in June. The pilgrimage, the great inaugural parade, the popular paella, as well as concerts by great Spanish artists, show humor and fun for the whole family. On the other hand, the concentration of Classics and the motor fair, in September. You can’t miss the spectacular parade of old cars.

holy week alhaurin

As you can see, there is a lot to see and do in Alhaurin de la Torre for young and old and above all to enjoy with the family. You can’t miss it! We are waiting for you!