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21 May, 2020

Tour of Andalusian Gastronomy

Andalusian gastronomy is characterized by the combination of Mediterranean cuisine with the deep roots of Arab heritage. A culinary function of products from the land (fruits and vegetables), from the sea (washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean), without forgetting its livestock and hunting products.

The Andalusian cuisine has a lot of tradition. Each community has its own typical dishes, but if there is something that characterizes the Andalusian cuisine is the extra virgin olive oil. There is a great variety of olives, which makes the types of oil very different in aroma, taste, density, and color, among others.

It is also worth mentioning the culture of wine, the cultivation of the vine. Some well-known wines such as those of Jerez, Montilla-Moriles, Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, el Fino… refresh and invade with their shades the most demanding palates.

You can not fail to taste the Andalusian cuisine with its aromas, its cooking techniques and food preservation (marinades, marinades, salted, preserved in oil …), if you choose to spend your holiday in the south.
Andalusia, land of art, flamenco and good food.


– Malaga

Malaga’s cuisine is very simple. The sea and the mountains are present in almost all its recipes.

In it we can taste the gazpachuelo. It is a hot soup. It consists of a broth of fish and mayonnaise based on egg yolk and olive oil. Although it is eaten hot, it owes its name to the fact that it contains three of the four basic ingredients of gazpacho: bread, oil and water.

Sardine skewers are another of Malaga’s most typical dishes. It is very common to see in the area of chiringuitos on the coast, cooking the sardines over an open fire on a wooden raft.

gastronomy malaga
gastronomy in malaga

– Seville

In Seville you have to go out for an aperitif and try the typical Caracoles. It is usually added chilli peppers, garlic, various spices, fennel, and pennyroyal.

Both the Potaje de Vigilia (Vigil Stew) made with chickpeas, spinach and hard-boiled eggs, and Rabo de toro estofado (stewed oxtail) or in red wine, are two delicious dishes that you should not miss.

gastronomy seville
gastronomy in seville

– Cadiz

In Cádiz, besides being very famous the Carnival with its chirigotas and parades, we can also enjoy a very peculiar gastronomy. Its Almadraba Red Tuna is one of the most highly valued products in terms of cuisine.

The Shrimp Tortillas. A simple and delicious recipe to take as an aperitif. The Pescaíto frito, famous throughout the city and in El Puerto de Santa María, is one of the typical dishes that cannot be missing from a weekend aperitif or a meal with friends.

gastronomy in cadiz
gastronomy cadiz

– Cordoba

Enjoying this city and its cuisine is a luxury. The Flemish. This traditional and simple dish is very original. It involves making fine rolls of pork loin, ham and cheese, and then frying them in extra virgin olive oil.

Salmorejo is one of the starters and one of the most popular recipes of the Andalusian cuisine. Just 5 ingredients (tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt) to create a fine emulsion that can be served either cold or warm.

gastronomy in cordoba
gastronomy cordoba

– Jaén

A typical dish of this area of olive trees are the migas. Hunting is also one of the bases of Jaén’s cuisine. Very well known are the Andrajos with hare.

gastronomy jaen
gastronomy jaen

– Granada

The culture of the tapa in this city is total. With every cane or soda you drink, they put a plate as a tapa to snack on and share, and each time it is different.

The Tortilla de Sacromonte is very popular. Another traditional dish is the Beans with salads. Beans can be arranged with ham or with cod. Saladillas are dimpled bread cakes made with coarse salt and olive oil.

gastronomy granada
gastronomy in granada

–  Almería

It is a very rich province as far as seafood is concerned. Very rich marine stews are elaborated like the Paprika that is made from a broth with potatoes and fish.

gastronomy in almeria

– Huelva

Land of the Iberian Ham of acorn and the Iberian pig. You can find all kinds of recipes based on pork, but what everyone loves is the ham cut. Sea products such as white shrimp or tuna with onions or tomatoes are other typical dishes.

gastronomy in huelva
gastronomy huelva

Andalusian gastronomy is very rich and meets all the requirements of the Mediterranean diet. A balance between vegetables, fruits, legumes, meat and game, fish or seafood.