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Holiday Rental in Malaga – Tess Vacacional

11 March, 2021 by Juan Manuel Duco

Book with us your holiday rental in Malaga

At TESS VACACIONAL we put at your disposal a team of experienced professionals who will help you find the best option for your holiday rental in Malaga. Our online booking platform gives you all the facilities to find and book your accommodation.

You won’t find the same accommodation at a better price. Rent at a cheaper price than on any other web portal. Availability in real time, no emails, no waiting, just search, find and book.

holiday rental in malaga

Rest assured, we use secure payment gateways, or if you prefer you can make a transfer. The accommodations are verified and checked by our team to offer you the maximum comfort.

Our multilingual team is always ready to help you before, during and after booking your holiday rental in Malaga.

Ancient and cosmopolitan Malaga in the past, it preserves its historical roots intact. If in ancient times it witnessed the origins of man and Mediterranean culture, today it has become the leading power in the Andalusian tourism industry, it keeps alive its tradition of welcoming and creative land.

Seafaring Malaga on its coastline where it is never winter; with a mountain vocation, inland, where nature is shown in all its splendor. White villages of beautiful architecture, wrapped in romantic legends, put their point of light in the hidden valleys where life passes peacefully. And from the high mountains the gaze covers the horizon until it gets lost in the immensity of the blue sea.

The province of Malaga has more than 160 kilometers of coastline. The Mediterranean Sea directly bathes a total of 14 Malaga municipalities. It is possible to go to hidden enclaves where the purest nature surrounds the environment, or more tourist and consolidated spaces. Both the eastern and western areas of the province have such attractive beaches that they have made the Costa del Sol a world-class destination.

We cannot forget the interior landscape, with more than 15 protected areas as a reserve, place or natural monument. Places that go from the depths of the Mediterranean to the high peaks. Magical forests and rivers where it is still possible to find foxes, golden eagles or mountain goats.

We are proud of our work, holiday rentals have become a fundamental part of our business, and that is why we are the reference company regarding the integral management of holiday homes in Malaga.

Trust in Tess Vacacional for your holidays and book your holidays in Malaga, we will offer you an impeccable service and the most personalised attention.

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