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Gardening and Pool Maintenance

5 November, 2020 by Nadege Mateus

Don’t worry about the maintenance of the garden, we take care of it personally. We will provide you with an annual budget, indicating the visits to be made and including, the preparation and improvement of the land, weeding, fertilizing, mowing of meadows, pruning of existing species both for training and maintenance, phytosanitary treatments, aeration of the land, removal of foreign elements and supervision of the irrigation installations.

We offer you a guaranteed maintenance of your pool. In order to achieve an optimum condition of the pool, the current legislation on public pools will be applied.

At each maintenance visit, a control record will be made with the data of the water and the work carried out, as well as any incidents that may arise.

The maintenance tasks we carry out are:

– Cleaning of the pool with the pool cleaning trolley.

– Cleaning of the water surface with a net.

– Cleaning of the walls with a brush.

– Cleaning of the skimmers.

– Periodic cleaning of the sand filter, to guarantee correct filtration.

– Control of the pH levels of chlorine and others.

– Control of the water level, if the glass is in perfect state.

– Providing the necessary products to guarantee the optimum state of the water.