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23 November, 2020

Decoration tips: wallpaper

Wallpaper is in! Over the last few years, interest in this form of decorating the walls of our homes has increased a lot, so if you are thinking of renewing the decoration of your home we will explain below the different types of wallpaper on the market, and give you some examples that we are sure you will fall in love with.

Within the market there is a great variety of types of wallpaper depending on our needs or the type of wall we have in our homes. Which one is yours?

Depending on the support: paper or TNT base

The first thing you should know is that when we talk about models with a paper or TNT base, we are referring to the paper support, that is, what is stuck to the wall. Both supports can have both vinyl and non-vinyl finishes.

With a paper base:

Paper-based wallpaper models are the most traditional, and the ones that have been used the most throughout history. It must also be said that, with the passing of time, given the advances in the world of wallpaper and the rise of non-woven supports, they are used less and less and their manufacture has been considerably reduced.

One of the reasons why they have been left behind, is because they are quite complicated to install, as cellulose glue must be applied to both the wall and the paper itself, and it is advisable to call in a professional to install them.



Papers with a non-woven support are called this because the fibres that make up the base of the paper have been joined together without being woven, so they do not form threads. This gives greater resistance to the base or support.

As for the advantages of paper with a TNT support, one of the most outstanding is that it can be put on and taken off more easily than paper-based models, leaving no trace once removed. It is only necessary to apply glue to the wall.


Depending on the finish: vinyl or non-vinyl

The vinyl wallpaper is one of the most used nowadays, given its high resistance to shocks and humidity, as well as the great durability it offers.

If when we talk about models with a paper or TNT base we are referring to the support they use, when we talk about vinyl wallpaper, we are referring to the finish of the paper, or what is the same, the image it offers to the eye once installed on the wall.

The vinyl wallpapers are made up of a layer of vinyl which usually has a satin finish, although there are more and more vinyl models which offer a matt finish. The vinyl paper support can be TNT, although when it is a contract paper with a high grammage, TNT is not enough, so a paper support is necessary.

Their high resistance makes them ideal for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, rubbing areas such as corridors or corners, and even outdoors. The vinyl coating keeps it waterproof, which makes it easy to clean.

And with respect to the non-vinyl wallpapers, they differ from the vinyl ones in that they have a matt finish. This type of paper offers multiple effects at sight: brick, textile, geometric…

Until not too long ago, non-vinyl papers used to have a paper support, which was cheaper and also more delicate, but today they are no longer used and are hardly produced.

Nowadays, as we have said before, there are vinyl wallpapers that have a matt finish, and which have become the main option for those people who flee from the satin finish.

Other types of papers:

There are other types of decorative paper which, although less used, are also worth mentioning. This is the case of textured or relief wallpapers, natural fibre papers, or paper borders among others.

Wallpaper with texture or relief:

Wallpapers with texture or relief are a very good option for those walls that have imperfections, as they camouflage them very effectively, going totally unnoticed. There are very attractive models with different types of finish, and which can have either a paper base or TNT.

Natural fibre wallpapers:

On the other hand, there are decorative papers made from woven natural fibres, which boast simply spectacular beauty. They are made from natural materials, such as strips of wood, braided water lily or palm leaves among others, which are pressed directly into the paper, using a TNT support, in order to facilitate their installation.

This type of paper transmits naturalness and warmth, leaving its joints visible, as they are made by hand with totally natural products.

Paintable wallpapers:

Wallpaper can also be painted on, as it allows you to paint over it as often as you like. They are white papers, which are placed on the wall and, once installed, are painted in the colour you like most, with total freedom.

Their main advantages are that they protect the wall, are easy to install and allow you to paint over them as many times as necessary, keeping your wall intact even over time.

Paper borders:

And finally, we wanted to talk about paper borders, which are widely used in the decoration of children’s and young people’s bedrooms. It is a type of narrow and elongated wallpaper, which is a decorative complement that should be taken into account, as they give personality and are easy to combine with the rest of the decoration.

Although there is a great variety of wallpapers on the market, we show you some examples.


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