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7 July, 2020

Decoration tips for your vacation rental house

If you are thinking of decorating your house to make some extra money, or simply redecorating to give it a facelift, we give you some ideas and decoration tips for your holiday rental house that we are sure will help you.

holiday rental decoration

Touches of colour

Combining colors in decoration is very important. It gives us different sensations.

You don’t necessarily have to paint a whole bedroom in one colour, you can paint only one wall and the rest in a neutral tone so that it is not too overloaded. Look for colors that give a feeling of joy. This season, the main trend is orange.

If your house is in a coastal area, we recommend white walls, which will let in clarity and become a bright and fresh place. If you have large windows that invite the outside to be part of the decoration, white will allow you not to visually saturate the interior.

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holiday rental malaga

Save on furniture

It is committed to multi-functional and multi-purpose furniture. That way, your house will look much lighter and you will save on cleaning, money and time. For example, a sofa bed. If you only have one bedroom, you can put a simple sofa bed in the living room to accommodate more people. Make the most of every square meter.

holiday homes alhaurin de la torre


Natural lighting is a great ally. If your home has large windows, for example, place light-toned curtains, so that it provides luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness. In the case of the bedrooms, if you do not have blinds, you will have to place double curtains or some opaque curtain or blind so that your guests can rest.
Create a dreamlike atmosphere by lighting the terrace with sun lamps, candles, lanterns or garlands. Summer nights will be even more magical.

alquiler vacaciones malaga


Accessories are an important part of decorating a vacation rental house. Pictures that dress the walls, cushions on the sofas, floor lamps, natural rugs, wicker baskets. The use of natural materials such as wood or fibres helps to create cosy spaces with a summer flavour. Decorate your house with flowers, and natural or artificial green plants. Accessories that combine perfectly with the rest of the house to give harmony and create a pleasant atmosphere.

vacaciones en malaga

Storage space

Preferably large cupboards for clothing and luggage storage, rather than small decorative furniture that gets in the way.

Decorative style

We recommend one hundred percent that the decoration of any house be in neutral colors with some touch characteristic of the area where it is located (for example, nautical or Ibizan style if it is next to the beach, or rustic chic if it is in the countryside).

We recommend not placing any decorative objects with any sentimental value for the owners. Use decoration or objects that are easy to replace in case of breakage.

holiday home malaga

Cleaning and organization

Cleanliness in a home is the most important thing. Guests who rent a house for their holidays should find it clean and tidy and in perfect condition. After an outing, you should check that everything works perfectly.

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