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1 December, 2020

Constitution Day Restrictions 2020

cosntitution day

This Constitution Day, like the whole of this year 2020, will be very different from what we have known over the last few years. Although on other occasions we proposed happy and good plans to visit the Costa del Sol, on this one we must take into account the restrictions to movement that may be imposed by the different autonomous communities.

Likewise, we must not lose hope in these holidays that always smell of Christmas, rest, autumn, roasted chestnuts, snow, skiing, upcoming meetings with friends and family… We must continue to do everything possible to keep our spirits up, travel within the possibilities (even if they are escapes through our municipalities), enjoy life, small things and loved ones, and realise that the encouraging news about the vaccinations we have received over the last few days brings us closer to the end of this nightmare.

If you need to get some air during the December holiday season and are planning to spend a few days in the countryside, on the beach, in the mountains or discovering a town you’ve always wanted to visit, you should first bear in mind which autonomous communities have proceeded to decree perimeter closures in their territory or to extend them in some cases.

Despite some encouraging statements from the Ministry of Health confirming that the situation of the covid-19 pandemic in Spain is “stabilising downwards”, the truth is that we cannot relax. The situation is still serious in many places throughout Spain.

However, at Tess Vacacional we are positive and we are sure that little by little we will come out of this. Below is some information that you may find very useful when planning your Constitution Day and December holiday break.


Autonomous Communities: border closure for the Constitution Day


Andalusia: Regional and municipal perimeter confinement (until 10 December)
Aragon: regional and municipal perimeter confinement (in Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel (until the 30th of November)
Cantabria: regional and municipal perimeter confinement (until 2 December)
Castilla y Leon: regional perimeter confinement (until 3 December)
Castilla La Mancha: regional perimeter confinement (until 23 November)
Catalonia: Autonomous and municipal perimeter confinement (during weekends) (23 November. The weekend confinement will be opened in the de-climbing area: in the municipality in the first section (from 23 November to 6 December) and in the county in the second (from 7 to 20 December). The perimeter confinements will disappear on 21st December).
Autonomous City of Ceuta: perimeter confinement during the weekend (from 30 October)
Autonomous City of Melilla: Autonomous and municipal perimeter confinement (until 7 December)
Community of Madrid: regional and municipal perimeter confinement (until 7 December)
Community of Navarra: regional perimeter confinement (until 18 December)
Valencian Community: regional perimeter confinement (until 9 December)
Galicia: municipal perimeter confinement of 60 towns, including the 7 main Galician towns (from 30 October)
Balearic Islands: Municipal Perimeter Confinement
La Rioja: regional and municipal perimeter confinement (for one month in Arnedo and Logroño) (until 29 November)
Basque Country: regional and municipal perimeter confinement (until 10 December)
Principality of Asturias: regional and municipal perimeter confinement (in Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo) (from 28 October)
Murcia: regional and municipal perimeter confinement (until 9 December)

SOURCE: Regional Health Ministries

Although for this year’s bridge we cannot leave the municipalities to carry out the plan we had planned, in the vast majority of communities, we can take advantage of this to get to know our places of residence in greater depth.

Supporting local commerce and enjoying the small pleasures of family life, we are sure that there is still much to learn and if not, repeat in our favourite place! We are getting closer and closer to resuming our lives and travelling again to continue to meet new destinations, and from Tess Vacacional we send you lots of encouragement and a big hug!

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