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10 March, 2021

Recommendation: applications for your future trips

app for trips

If you like to travel the world and discover new places or if you are one of those people who like to have everything organized in advance, you cannot stop reading this article that we have prepared for you. We show you some applications for your future trips that we are sure will be very helpful. Take aim!


Applications for flights, hotels and vacation rentals

app for holiday rental

Booking: it is one of the most used applications when reserving accommodation, mainly hotels, although now it also offers the possibility of reserving holiday rental houses. You can also find a flight finder. It is a very complete application and many of its options offer the possibility of making a free cancellation, in case you have any inconvenience. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Airbnb: it is the great reference within vacation rentals. It is ideal whether you are looking for a completely private house, villa, apartment, or if you prefer to share the house with other people you may not know or with the same owners. In this type of housing you also receive many recommendations so that you know the less touristy places in the area. This application also allows you to put host mode and be the one who rents your home. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Vrbo: Formerly known as HomeAway, it is another popular page when it comes to finding vacation rentals. You have apartments, rural cases, cabins or any other rental format, and it is very positive that, in your search engine, before doing the search you can include if you are going with a pet. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Atrápalo: A portal specialized in finding offers to travel in different media, from airplanes and trains to cruises. In addition to their search engine for flights, trains, hotels, trips or activities, on their home page they also offer special offers every day. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Skycanner: Another of the most popular flight search pages on the net, a great search engine for flights, hotels and rental cars, with filters to specify the exact characteristics you are looking for for your trip. You can also create alerts to know when certain flights go down in price. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Rusticae: This page differs by the type of hotels it offers. Instead of having the typical hotels, it offers a selection of charming or rustic hotels. His website:

Momondo: flight and accommodation search engine and comparator, belonging to Booking, includes the exploration function to see prices on the map. On the main page we can also find some featured destinations in case you are looking for ideas. Available for Android and IOS. HERE


Applications for restaurants, activities and concerts

app for your journey

Bandsintown: it is perfect both for when you travel and for your day to day. It is an app with which you know when you are going to have concerts by your favorite musicians near your city. You follow them and you get updates with the tours, and then you can find out the ones closest to your city. You can change the city to put the one where you are going to be on vacation. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Tripadvisor: it is a must when you travel. It is an application with which you can discover restaurants, hotels and activities or places of interest wherever you are, all with a powerful review system. Available for Android and IOS. His website:

Ticketmaster: Ideal to get tickets to go see a show. In this field, Ticketmaster is one of the reference applications, both internationally and especially nationally, being able to find tickets for almost everything. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Minube: A reference portal in Spain when it comes to telling you everything you can see or do near a destination you are going to visit. Write the province or city, and it will tell you the best activities or attractions available, both from its own content and from publications made by the users themselves.Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Google Maps: Google Maps is no longer a simple browser. It is also a perfect application to find restaurants or points of interest wherever you go. Available for Android and IOS.

Get Your Guide: application that gets everything you can do before or during the trip, tours, museum tickets, events and more. Organize your trip in the best style with the best tours you can find in the city you visit.
Available for Android and IOS. HERE



holiday homes by app This app puts all the maps at your service, but without the need to connect to the Internet. You just have to remember to download the maps before traveling. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Flush: activate your GPS and find the closest bathroom of the 190,000 that are currently registered in the app. Available for Android and IOS.

AroundMe: locates your position and shows you the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, theater and taxi rank. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

XE: If you are going to travel to a country with a currency other than the euro, you may find a tool for currency conversion useful. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

Google Translate: works offline and translates in real time. Download the language you need, focus on the text you need to translate with the camera and that’s it. Automatic translation. Available for Android and IOS. HERE

As you can see, there are many options offered when organizing a trip. We are sure that by selecting the applications that best suit you, you will be able to plan your trip and enjoy it to the fullest. As we always say, these are just a few, surely there is one that fits your needs.

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