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15 May, 2020

Andalusia in summer

The Andalusian community does not need a recommendation to enjoy it in summer, because year after year, it has become the tourist attraction not only nationally but also internationally.

Besides its coasts, its monuments, its history and its inhabitants, we have many reasons to visit Andalusia in summer. We are going to show you some of them, but believe me if I tell you that there are many more.

Natural Paradise

andalusia in summer

If you like hiking and enjoy nature in general you can’t miss the Montes de Málaga, the Strait of Cádiz, the Sierra de Grazalema (Cádiz and Málaga), the Rio Tinto in Huelva, Caminito del Rey and the Gaitanes Gorge in Málaga, El Torcal (Antequera), Doñana (Huelva, Seville and Cádiz), Sierra Nevada in Granada, among others.

Rural Areas

andalucia en verano

Many are the people who seek in their holidays to get away from the noise of the city, and prefer to spend their holidays in quiet environments where you can breathe peace and fresh air.
Areas such as the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and the Villas in Jaen, the Dehesa, the Marismas, the Alpujarras in Granada and Almeria, the white villages of Cadiz and Malaga.
Serrano ham or wine tasting, handicraft workshops, trekking, or getting to know the local confectionery are some of the most successful activities among tourists and each area has different attractions.


enjoy andalusia in summer

Andalusia is the Alhambra of Granada, the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba, the Cathedral of Seville and Malaga, the Giralda or the Alcazar of Seville, among many other attractions.

Popular festivals and traditions

disfruta andalucia en verano

If you come to Andalusia you can’t miss the popular festivals that take place in all the villages. The Carnivals in Cadiz, the April Fair in Seville, the Patios of Cordoba, the August Fair in Malaga, the Wine Fair in Jerez, among others, known not only throughout Spain but also beyond our borders.

Culture, Religion and Art

tips for andalusia in summer

Popular religious culture in Andalusia revolves around religious faith. The Holy Week is lived in a very particular and special way. Pilgrimages and cults to the Saints and Virgins of each municipality are an example of this. Examples include the pilgrimage to the Aldea del Rocio in Huelva, Los Tronos and Pasos de Semana Santa, among others.

consejos para andalucia en verano

Art is very present in Andalusia. Museums and exhibitions are held throughout the year. Pablo Ruiz Picasso, has great representation, especially in his native Malaga where he has a great museum dedicated to his work.


L'Andalousie en été

Andalusia has a great variety of dishes, both schisty and very typical of each area, which are worth trying if you have the chance to visit it. Emblematic dishes, such as Andalusian gazpacho, espetos, salmorejo from Cordoba, Iberian ham, its wines, olive oil, and we cannot forget its tapas.

If at any time you have the opportunity to travel, you can not miss visiting Andalusia in summer.